Monday, 27 October 2014

Possible Final Photos

For my final photos I am have chosen 5-6 photos that I'm pretty confident with. I'm confident with them because all the lighting is the same, and it all fits into the category. Also the depth of field is all very similar. What helps is there's a beautiful white backdrop that makes my their hair and make-up stand out very well, and helps frame my models.

These photos are all taken in natural light. What I was trying to achieve when taking these photos was a sort of natural, bright but clear photos. I wanted them to look very bright so they can stand out. The focus of these portraits were the hair and make up. There was not much to touch up on camera raw, as the lighting was so good that made their skin look flawless, and the sun was bringing out the colour of their eyes.

The second photo has some interesting lighting going on. Someone asked me if I was trying to do the 'split image' but actually I wasn't. I first thought I should edit the other side and make it a little brighter, but then I thought to myself this is what makes MY photo unique.

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