Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Week 1, D2, King Size Studio

As I didn't go to King Size Studio, I have decided to do a little re-search on what photographers would want as their assistants.

The first photographer I have chosen is Richele Louisson.
This is what she emailed me back .

  • Know my every move
  • reliable
  • understand how i work as a person
  • great time management - mines shit!!!
  • Able to take over if needed
  • Polite and able to deal with conflicts
  • Positive
  • Willing to learn
  • Understanding of photography or wanting to learn.

The next photographer I asked is Lee from Flash Photos who I have worked with before. 
  • Willing to help
  • Willing to learn
  • Knows about my company 
  • Willing to take some phone calls, and email back clients.
  • Have a good personality and hygiene as I do weddings. 
  • Someone I can contact anytime if they're needed.
  • To respect my clients, and look after my clients as if they're their clients.
  • Positive attitude
  • Has a DSLR camera and can show me some of their work. Whether it's good or not, need to know they have a passion for photography.
  • Last but not least someone who can be a friend as well as a colleague  

Also from what I know is that you should have studied the company before you are wanting to apply for the job. Include a few photos in your CV that you're going to hand in to them. To study everything you've been taught, or keep notes of something so you don't forget or mess it up.

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