Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Aaron K

Aaron K is such a talented photographer and has such an interesting background of how he became a photographer. He didn't start of with photography, he started of with something else but because there was no space for that degree he wanted he had to choose something else. So he had a few options and he chose photography because he thought it'll be easy, all you need to do is click a button and you've got a photo.

Aaron K is a fashion/beauty, commercial photographer. He uses the studio a lot, that's something I don't use much.

Aaron K is strongly involved in the AIPA website, and I found this website after having a knock down with someone when I took photos for their hair academy.

What had happened is I agreed to take photos for their show as they needed photos for their portfolios. So I agreed to do so. The lighting was terrible at the runway so we ended up just doing portraits in their studio with natural lighting.
After editing the photos and wanting to hand them in, they asked for the original files with no edit. So I then said okay but gave them in JPEGS and then they asked for my RAW files. I know as a photographer you shouldn't give out RAW files as they can change the photo, sell the photo, use it in places with no credits of your name. Things didn't go well and the academy tutor was saying some harsh things towards my communication.

So to not get into the same mess as I did I went through the AIPA website and took some ideas of contracts and did my own little.

Photography By Donatella Contract.
Client’s Name: ___________
Client’s Address: __________
Photography Location: ________
Photography Date:  _____ Start Time: _______  End Time:  _______
Completed photographs are to be delivered to Client no later than ____ after the event date.
Photographer’s Fee:  $____ Deposit: 50% of the total, paid upfront.
1.The Client shall reimburse Photographer for any additional costs the Photographer may incur for parking, which is necessary to the performance of these services.
2. The deposit is not refundable if the Client cancels or changes the engagement. If the Photographer fails to appear at the place and time specified above without informing the Client at least 24 hours in advance, the deposit shall be refunded to the Client.
3. Proof photographs shall be delivered to the Client via DropBox or another specified online cloud storage system. 
4. The Photographer retains copyright in the photographs. Client can use photos on business as agreed to. 
5. Any photographs sold to the media, photographer gets the naming right and 50% commission. 

Client’s Signature                 Photographer’s Signature
_______________________ __________________________

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Final Photos

The photo above was one of the two trickiest photos to edit. There was no colour in it, it was plain and it was either too bright or to dark from the other photos. So we then increased the temperature as it was too cool, we also added some vibrance, increased the contrast. This photo has been chosen for my portfolio as theres something about the model on her phone and the hair stylist doing her job.  

 The photo above wasn't too hard to work with. It just needed a little bit of cropping as there was too much negative space compared to the other photos. So I cropped it out, and left only a little bit of negative space in. I've also increased the exposure with this photo as it was too dark. With these sort of photos I think they should be a little over exposed, not so much but just a little. I find thats what makes the photos look so good. 
The photo above was the hardest photo to work with! It needed so much work, it needed colour correcting, brightening, it was either too blue or too yellow, to dark or to bright. It also was a different colour cast as Caryline (tutor) said. So with the help of Caryline we managed to get it as close as the other photos. It would be impossible to get the same colouring as it was in two different lightings. 

The reason to why I chose this photo as it's a very colourful photo and it can capture your eye. I had no trouble colour correcting this photo, it was just a bit too dark so I brightened it a little to match the other photos I have chosen.

What were you thinking about when you made this work?
While I was taking these photos I was thinking of the natural lighting. I was thinking of the beautiful light that was shining in the room, and how it would help to get the 'clear' look. I was thinking of getting the framing right, as well as trying to get the hair/beauty look on the portraits as the tutor at Servilles Academy asked me too.

What photographic genre and subgenre (if applicable) does your work fit into?
I would think creative genre, Fashion & commercial.

Who are your photographic influences? What photographic genre do your these photographers fit into?
Sara Orme really does inspire me. Shes a big influence. Not in this particular project but in general.

What ideas or techniques do you take from these photographers into your own work?
I think the most common thing we have is that we both intend to use more natural lighting. We're both into the fashion/beauty shoots. As well as the natural face looking photos.

Allan Mcdonald

Allan Mcdonald is an interesting photographer. I like the way he approaches his photos.  Allan Mcdonald has a typological approach to his architectural photography. 

I really like his project 'Walking In The City' as it's a response to the ChristChurch earthquake. What amazes me the most is the fact he didn't take his photos in Christchurch, they were in Auckland. As I had a chance to look at his exhibition at the Pah Homestead, I didn't realise they were taken in Auckland until a classmate had pointed them out.  
As a response I was stuck on what to do, so I thought I would try take photos around my house. My house is currently a pigstyle as we're in the process of renovating the garage, backyard, and our front yard deck. My aim was to try get an old messy look of buildings. It didn't go as well as I planned, but that's okay it was worth the experiment. 

 I also was trying to shoot directly. I wish I had more buildings to shoot around but because of limited of time, I couldn't do much but experiment at home. I would have liked to go around and try taking a photo very similar to each other but different buildings.  

 This photo above is my next door neighbours house. They happily let me take a quick capture of their house from the outside. What I like about this is the texture is very similar to my house, just different colour. 
The photo above is one of my favorite photos, as I put a lot more effort into it. With my brothers help, I took my dogs house from where it usually is placed and placed it there. We then had tables laying around in the garage and a few chairs. We put a table sideways, as well as the chair. I wanted to make it look like the wind had blew them all over the place. I was very happy with this outcome. 

I will attach some of Allan Mcdonalds photo below;

 I tried taking a similar photo to the above. If you scroll up to my second photo, you can see a little similarity. Especially with the leading line and the green. 

Here is the link I got my photos from. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Carmen Bird, re-search.

Carmen is an NZ award winning free-lance photographer that doest all sort of photography. She does weddings, landscapes, events, beauty/fashion.

I've lately been looking at her fashion and beauty photographs.

Above is one of my all time favorite photos of Carmens. This photo always makes me wonder how has she got the 'circle lighting'. It's a very confusing photo as I don't know how to explain it well. I would love to do something like this in the future. It's not so natural as I always talk about, but it's natural lighting and that is what I love. I see theres some complimentary colours such as the orange and green, as well as a light blue that you can't see really well. She has an awesome pattern going on with her top/costume. The sun has a big impact on the photo. 

Above is another photo of Carmens I adore. I adore this because the colour yellow brings out Geneieve (the model) skin colour and hair colour, they work well together. The low aperture definitely helps this photo out. I'm loving the background with the beautiful green that compliments the yellow really well. I also think her honey eye colour stand out very well, as well as the highligts on her beautiful face. The make-up artist did a great job with the model. 

Portfolio experiencemination

So I took my friend to the nearest beach which is Mission bay and tried taking some beauty/fashion photos of her. At the same time I was trying to test out the lighting around 1230/2pm.
It was a cloudy day, with a little bit of sunshine but it kept changing knowing Aucklands weather.

I was aiming for the sort of fashion/natural look again. As I've mentioned many times I love natural lighting, and natural looking photos.
I found out photographing with no sun can be a little boring and gives no colour to your photos. I would prefer to use sunlight with my photos.
It was sort of a mission taking these photos as it kept raining and stopping. I couldn't risk being under the rain as I was a bit sick on that day, so I took it easy and just waited for it to settle down.

Once the weather had settled down we drove down and went near the beach and tried to take a few other photos. I'm not as happy with these photos because the lighting wasn't great, I didn't re-search much about it and I was a little nervous for this shoot. I was afraid of having my camera under rain, I thought it'd ruin or get damaged so I didn't risk it.

Here are a couple of photos I took on the day.
 The photo above is one of my favorite photos. I've added a little bit of vibrance in the photo above to get some colour in the photo as the photos were looking too plain and too boring. I also put in some details by increasing the highlights, as the clouds were too plain again. If you look below you'll know what I'm talking about.  


 I wouldn't choose this photos as my finals as these were more of a experiment to see what type of lighting would look better, or what sort of photos I would like to do for my portfolio. I have learnt that the sun can be the magic of natural lighting and without sun the photos can be extremely boring.

Respond to Sara Orme

So today as my family and I went out and took my dog out for a run at Meola Dog Park, I took my camera and took a few photos of the kids/adults running around and having a good time.

I thought this would fit in well with Sara ormes response for her project 'freedom' 

So today as my family and I went out and took my dog out for a run at Meola Dog Park, I took my camera and took a few photos of the kids/adults running around and having a good time.

I thought this would fit in well with Sara ormes response for her project 'freedom'

I found Saras lecture a very interesting one. Her stories kept amazing me! I really loved how she spoke about how started, and when she went to the 'red carpet' ( I think that's what you call it ) and she took photos of photographers photographing girls wanting to be the next big thing. She sure did have some good stories to tell.

I found her Freedom project the most interesting one. I found this project very interesting as it's what people would do day to day when they're out with their friends or family. The photos looked so real, it didn't show that was the aim photo. It felt like the models were mucking around and Sara randomly took those shots. I love natural lighting photos, and what tops it off is natural photos too. You always get a great photo when people don't know much about it. 

 f/5.6, 1/320, ISO100
  f/5.6, 1/320, ISO100
 f/5.6, 1/320, ISO100

Here's a link to Sara Ormes Project Freedom


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Jake Garn, re-search

Jake Garn does on location photography in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Features a gallery of work from weddings, engagements, portraits, and model photography.

What I found really interesting about this photo is her hair colour and how it blends in with the backdrop behind her. I probably wouldn't have had a model with that hair colour as it looks to plain, or I probably would've done location shot. The difference about me and Jake is that he does a lot model work in studio rather then location shots. I prefer location shots, and natural lighting. Though my final photos are using a white backdrop with natural lighting, which is also awesome. Hair eyes stand out really well. Her eyes add a lot of details to the photo, which I find great. Sorry about the black thing around the photo, I couldn't save Jakes photos from his website so I had to print screen them on. 

A Setting Sun - Jake Garn Photography 
Now here is another photo of his, and I think this is more me. I would defiantly do something like this, except I would have clothes on my model as I wouldn't feel comfortable shooting someone with no clothes. I like the fact he's taking this shot from an high angle, and making her eyes stand out. The eyes shadow and lipstick go together really well. They've chosen the perfect sort of make-up. I feel as if they're using a gold reflector on the back of her hair as her is so goldish, or maybe it's just the sun as the caption is 'A setting Sun' so never know. I find that part really interesting as it goes with the grass very well, the yellowish/goldish mixs well with her hair colour.