Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Preparing for my shoot

So I have been trying to re-search for some motivation this week.
I'm trying to figure out what can I do that will interest me? So I done some re-search and came across a very interesting thing to read about the art of every day life.

Laura offers a tip to help:
When photographing your child indoors with window light, it helps to turn off artificial lights in the room, especially overhead lights. The conflicting light sources can create unwanted shadows and color casts, such as a yellow/gold color where the artificial lights are. Keep your light source pure window light for the most flattering indoor images.

I think I have changed my mind on what I want to do I may photograph people, but then I'm also keen to photograph buildings. It's really hard to chose what you want to do.

I found this link very helpful, and inspiring in some ways. The photos are lovely, and also all their tips are very handy.

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