Monday, 20 October 2014

Digital 2, Week 3 Contextualise & Evaluating

Who took the photo and why ?
Sara Orme took this photo, and she took this photo as part of a project for a book. 

What is their ethnicity and does this influence their work? 
Sara Orme is a New Zealand photographer, and part Maori. I don't think her ethnicity influenced this project. 

When and where did they take this photo? 
I'm not exactly too sure when they took these photo, but this particular photo was taken in New Zealand. They went for a road trip and took this photo. 

In what decade was this taken? 
This was taken very recently. Yes, this does influence my work as I'm loving to do location portraits myself, but as I've said i'm confused to what photos I want to choose as my portfolio. 

How does this make you feel?
This makes me feel very relaxed and calm. It also makes me feel like the two girls are good friends and they're out having fun.

Were there events happening at the time that may have influenced this work?
Not that I know of.

How is the work presented?
It's presented in her personal project on her website under 'Freedom' she also has a book with these photos.

Where are you viewing this work and how does affect your reading of it?
This work is presented on her website, and I found out all of this information through the lecture she gave us. Her work inspires me to do more fashion photography, as I've always wanted to do fashion photography. As she mentioned fashion photography is hard in NZ as their isn't much to much photograph. 

What do I see? 
  • A girl smiling 
  • Water 
  • Beach
  • Waves
  • Wearing a jacket/cardigan in the water

What camera and compositional techniques have been used?
I think she's using a medium format camera on this photo. Here's a link for the full photo
Fast shutter speed 
Natural lighting 
I'm trying to find out if she's in the water with her, or zooming in. 

How does this make me feel?
It makes me feel very cold but relaxed. It also makes me feel like the model is pretty cold by having her arms crossed. It also makes me feel like it was a very cold day. 

What ideas do I think the photographer is working with? 
I think she's trying to get the word 'freedom' out there in the world. I feel as if she's trying to capture the moment without getting the model to pose and look at the camera directly. As you can see she has no make up or hair stylist on board and she's just having fun and capturing photos.  

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