Monday, 13 October 2014

Portfolio Planning, week1/2

I have changed my mind so many times for my portfolio.
I'm liking portraits, but then I'm also liking the city. So thats why I'm going to both in one.
I took a few photos last week and felt that these photos are really good, but I will be experiencing more and more as the days come by.

I feel as if we have such little time to figure out what we actually want to photograph, but that's fine.
I've been re-searching a few photos but not much in depth which I should start doing.

So far I've been looking at Alex Abian, Street Fashion.

Very inspiring I must. What inspires me the most is that her photos caught my eyes really well. I like the colour of this photo, it's like they've used a different white balance? I'm not too sure if a filter can do this to a photo.

This photo makes me feel lonely, as the model is looking very angry. It's like she's all alone, there's noone around her. I feel as if she's trying to express her anger at someone/something. I also think the photographer is trying show off her top, as it's a Chanel top.. but then again you would think the photo would be closer to show the details of the top more.

The photo below is such a beautiful shot. Love the fact he's used leading lines to grab our attention.
I'm thinking of going to Auckland City and seeing what sort of places there are to photograph at.

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