Sunday, 2 November 2014

Jake Garn, re-search

Jake Garn does on location photography in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Features a gallery of work from weddings, engagements, portraits, and model photography.

What I found really interesting about this photo is her hair colour and how it blends in with the backdrop behind her. I probably wouldn't have had a model with that hair colour as it looks to plain, or I probably would've done location shot. The difference about me and Jake is that he does a lot model work in studio rather then location shots. I prefer location shots, and natural lighting. Though my final photos are using a white backdrop with natural lighting, which is also awesome. Hair eyes stand out really well. Her eyes add a lot of details to the photo, which I find great. Sorry about the black thing around the photo, I couldn't save Jakes photos from his website so I had to print screen them on. 

A Setting Sun - Jake Garn Photography 
Now here is another photo of his, and I think this is more me. I would defiantly do something like this, except I would have clothes on my model as I wouldn't feel comfortable shooting someone with no clothes. I like the fact he's taking this shot from an high angle, and making her eyes stand out. The eyes shadow and lipstick go together really well. They've chosen the perfect sort of make-up. I feel as if they're using a gold reflector on the back of her hair as her is so goldish, or maybe it's just the sun as the caption is 'A setting Sun' so never know. I find that part really interesting as it goes with the grass very well, the yellowish/goldish mixs well with her hair colour. 

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