Friday, 3 October 2014

Portfolio Week 1: Introduction to Digital Tech 2

The genre Cecilia and I thought that would need more photo retouching would be Editorial, Creative and Retail.

A photographer we thought that would fit into the term editorial genre would be David La-chapelle.
He fits into the genre celebrity and fashion. It could be a bit of both.
The photo above is an example of his genre. David La-chapelle uses a lot of colour on his work. Above is Katy Perry. 

The photographer that I had re-searched about last term and who I think fits into a creative genre is Edward Wetson. The genre he fits into is Food and Decor. 
Last but least, we chose Anna & Bernard Blume for the creative fine art genre. I also think this photographer can fit into the Editorial genre as well. 

Now to talk about what genre I may go through this term, I'm still not too sure. Will do an update when I have decided. 

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