Friday, 10 October 2014

Nick T

Nick T was an amazing person to have to lecture us.
I learnt so many new things on that day. He taught us so much, and gave us so many good stories.
I think my favourite part of his lesson was the whole free-bees pass thing. I had wondered how I should handle the free-bees for a while and he gave us a very good way of doing so.
He told us to email them a quote anyway, and write down 100% discount. He also said it's better write down what exactly you were told to photograph so it doesn't get too much, and you don't photograph more than you were told. I will be using that in the future for sure!

What I also thought was amazing is the lighting on his food looked all taken outside, but they were taken in his studio. He did a beautiful job on that.

So for this lesson I thought to take photos of in natural light as it looked very good.

Love this shot, the fruit look very refreshing. For this shot I don't experience much with angles as other angles was making the lighting look very boring, and the fruits were looking very un-fresh. I used an AUTO white balance, but boosted up the contrast a little on camera raw. I took this picture around 2-3pm, as the sun was out and giving beautiful light.

As for the quote, I'm still not too sure on how I would write a quote up. I'll do some re-search on what I need to do, and how to present it.

Here is one of Nick T Food photos, where he is studio lights. It looks like very natural lighting. I see he's using complimentary colours. It looks very natural and clear. I'm liking the whole bright lighting as well. When we went to visit Nick T, he told us that all his photos are taken in his studio which shocked me as I thought they were all natural lighting. I see he uses a lot of high angles for his shots, or low angles. If I was to photograph food, I probably would too. I feel that it brings out more texture and details to the photo. I very much like his presentation as well, as it looks very appetising and colourful.  I couldn't save his photos so I print screened it, and also put down a link below to view full photo in better quality (I think)

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  1. Can you talk about what camera, compositional and lighting techniques you used for this photograph Dona? How does it compare to Nick T's photographs? Could you post one of these as well?