Monday, 20 October 2014

Week3, Digital Tech 2

Richard Mosse

What genre does Richard Mosse's 'The Enclave' fit into?
Documentary, Fine Art, War

What is the history that relates to the project?
In the mid 90s the Uganda genocide happened.

Is there anything in his own history that influences his work?
In his early 20s he kept visiting places like that. He had also worked on a similar project previously

Why did he choose to use the Kodak infared film?
He mentioned that he wanted to make his work visible, and more visible. The pink is unusual.

How does the use of this film fit into the documentary genre?
It usually wouldn't but because of the way he used it in his photos it still counts as documentary based,

How many times has he been to Eastern Congo for this project? Why do you think he has been back so many times?
8 times in 4 years. To get more confident with the place, and have a better understanding of what he's trying to capture.

What justification does he have for creating such beautiful images to represent such horrific events?
Usually war images are horrible for the people who view them, but he wanted to make his photos as beautiful as he can for his viewers. He wanted to express what had happened in a beautiful way like he did.

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