Monday, 1 September 2014

Week 6, Studio, re-search. Thomas Ruff

As I have mentioned in my previous posts I haven't been feeling so well, and have missed four classes. I am guttered I have missed out on such big classes. I have been trying to re-search, and figure out what I should be look for. So I re-searched and was looking at lighting. I was looking at how bright a studio can be, and how dark it can be. Positive and Negative lighting. I also tried looking at other blogs from our class mates, but couldn't see much.
I am trying my best to catch up with everyone, but having a chronic illness will always be a struggle for me. Here I am hoping I can get through the next two weeks without missing any other classes.

So for this I re-searched about Thomas Ruff.

Thomas Ruff Opening - Haus Der Kunst, Munich. Ana, Industrial Designer. 17. February 2012 
I love the light on the photo above. It really has captured her eyes, and her cheekbones stand out.
I think maybe they're using 3.0 lighting. As her hair is shining. It's framed in a way that you think it's been cropped, I wonder if it has been actually? It may be zoomed with the lens. 

Roland Fisher and Thomas Ruff at Gow Langsford Gallery 8 Jun 2006 - 2 Jul 2006.
Wow, I love the backdrop colour. It makes her eyes stand out. Love how soft her face is looking. 
I think the technique he's using in this photo will be gels? I'm only guessing this as I yet haven't worked with gel. Just from looking at my class mates blog when using gel looks very similar. 

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