Saturday, 6 September 2014

Week 7, Studio Lights

So I had finally made it back to class on Thursday, and experienced what it's like to be in the studio,  the lighting, and metering mode. In just a few hours, I learnt so much. I thought I wouldn't understand anything, as I had missed out on so much. I yet haven't set up the studio by myself, but I am hoping I can do that on Sunday.
I will post a few photos of last week.. .

Split Image. 
1/80, F8.0, ISO100

Rembrandt Light 
1/80, F6.3, ISO100

Loop Light.
1/80, F5.6, ISO100

1/80, f3.2, ISO100
Chiaroscuro light.

I found this lesson very interesting as it was my first time in the studio. I found it difficult at first, just knowing what lights do what, after a few run throughs with Sarah & Bruce, I sort of got the hang of it. I'm really interested to see how my photos will turn out on Sunday. Hopefully they'll be good.  

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