Sunday, 7 September 2014

Self directed, protest

A few weeks ago the Christians held a protest at Queenstreet for the Christians in Iraq. There is a 'islam' gang known as ISIS that are destroying our country. They have been killing Christians who won't convert to islam, or pay high tax, or get out of their homes. I took a few photos of the protest.

"If he is for us, who can be against us"
F/4.0, 1/50, ISO800
This photo of the church is one of my favourites. It's my favourite because of the framing, and the leading line to the alter. What I also love about this photo, it shows the people in church. The lights also make it look very interesting.

"Convert or Die Is that your only option? We ARE N" 
F/4.0, 1/50, ISO400
The good thing about this photo is that it's bold. It catches your eye because of the bright red. As they say a picture can talk million words, well this surely does speak. 

F/4.0, 1/50, ISO400

What I love about this photo, it shows the emotions on her face. You can see she's hurting. I also love the colours on this photos, even though you can't really see the green, but there's some complimentary colours in there.

This event was much more successful then the previous one I had in epsom girls. It was much easier, and the lighting was a million times better. I won't say it was easy, but it was easier than the previous event I photographed. If you look down my blog, you will see the event I did few weeks back.  

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  1. Can you comment on your compositional approach for these photos? How did this shoot compare to the one you did at Epson Girls? Why did you choose these photographs for you blog? What's going on in these images and what makes them successful?