Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 4 ; Photoshop

So in this portrait I pulled in my texture photo onto my portrait. This was the first time I had ever used these tools, at first I found it difficult. It's good to know all these things, but in my personal photos I don't think I'll use these tools. 

In this photo for the first time I experienced using the brush tool, as well as a layer mask, and fillings. As you can see I used my brush tool so the texture is only showing over the face. I really like the outcome of this photo. 

Using the B&W adjustment layer, I made this image B&W. Then I created a layer mask, and chose an area of the photo to get some colour back in. 

I colour corrected this photo by using the adjustment layers. I found this tool very easy to use. I played around with it at first. I thought this will be hard, but I personally think this is much easier than Camera Raw in a few ways. Not everything is easy on it, but the colour correcting is. I wouldn't use the Hue/saturation. I used the curve, and found it very simple to see. 

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