Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Week 5 David LaChapelle

For this particular research, it took me longer to choose who I wanted to research about. There are many amazing photographers that were given to us to choose from. I also found this the hardest one. I'm not too sure why I found this one so hard. The past three days, I've had this pos on 'save' to decide who I want to research about. 
So I think by going through all of David LaChapelles series, I find him very interesting. 

David isn't only a photographer he's also a filmmaker. He's famous for his work in fashion, advertising, and fine arts. Lachapelle attended the North Carolina school of the arts and the Visual Arts in New York, landing a photography job at Andy Warhol's interview magazine while still in high school. He has gone onto photographing celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Angelina Jolies and many more.

Angelina Jolie photographed by David LaChapelle 
The colour he has used above is I believe are Complimentary colours. The bright red, goes with her beautiful green eyes, as well as the leaf of the strawberry.
Katy Perry photographed by David LaChapelle 

'This is my house' Photographed by David LaChapelle 
The flowers seem to be warm coloured which I really like, but the dress she's wearing is quiet bright and not so warm. 

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  1. You have found some beautiful images by David LaChapelle that address what we have been learning in class around colour. Could you comment on his use of colour in these images? Also, can you label your blog posts with the week they address? (Eg: Week 5 - Colour) I will talk to you some more about this in class this week.