Saturday, 9 August 2014

Week 4 Richard Orjis

Photographer Richard Orjis, was born in Whanganui, New Zealand and studied at the Auckland University Of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University.

All his work is designed to illustrated non-existent, shadowy social groups, engaged in ambiguous activity. They appear to be a group of Europeans who have gone feral in a tropical jungle. Covered wholly or partially in mud, they stare dully out at the camera through elaborate necklaces and garlands of brightly coloured, sensuous flowers. Mud was the medium of Orjis’ graduation show in 2006, My Empire of Dirt. Using mud and water, he did a fey series of works on paper depicting semi-clad figures singly and in groups.

Welcome to the Jungle : Richard Orjis : The Physics : 2008 
I am in love with this photo. The dark, muddy, and then the bright flowers just go with one another. This is one of my favourite images I've ever come across. The mud on his face is something I haven't come across before, so it really does interest me. 

Smoke, photographic print, 2008
I found this photo on google, and took me forever to find a little information about it. So I find out that's smoke. I'm still trying to to figure out, how'd he get it so perfect? Is it all photoshopped? Or did he take a photo of smoke and photoshop it? It gets you wondering this one

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