Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 4 Texture, Positive/Negative space, Manual Mode.

Above is a photo to show texture. I really like this photo as you can just feel the photo, you can feel those spikes to be sharp.

With the photo above, I'm not too confident with it. It's suppose to be a low angle shot using the sky as a negative space, but I'm not too sure if I have the hang of it. So more practice for me. yay! 
This is my portrait of two people. I really like the texture behind them, and the way they're facing each other as well as the cameras. I also can see this photo in B&W it'll look really cool. 

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  1. These are great photos Dona! I too am feeling the spiky texture of the aloe plant. I would consider the blue areas of the sky in the middle photo to be negative space. There is too much nice detail and form in the clouds for these to be considered negative space as my eye is drawn right to them. I like the way the power lines form a triangle and also the foliage creeping into the bottom area of the frame.