Thursday, 13 November 2014

Allan Mcdonald

Allan Mcdonald is an interesting photographer. I like the way he approaches his photos.  Allan Mcdonald has a typological approach to his architectural photography. 

I really like his project 'Walking In The City' as it's a response to the ChristChurch earthquake. What amazes me the most is the fact he didn't take his photos in Christchurch, they were in Auckland. As I had a chance to look at his exhibition at the Pah Homestead, I didn't realise they were taken in Auckland until a classmate had pointed them out.  
As a response I was stuck on what to do, so I thought I would try take photos around my house. My house is currently a pigstyle as we're in the process of renovating the garage, backyard, and our front yard deck. My aim was to try get an old messy look of buildings. It didn't go as well as I planned, but that's okay it was worth the experiment. 

 I also was trying to shoot directly. I wish I had more buildings to shoot around but because of limited of time, I couldn't do much but experiment at home. I would have liked to go around and try taking a photo very similar to each other but different buildings.  

 This photo above is my next door neighbours house. They happily let me take a quick capture of their house from the outside. What I like about this is the texture is very similar to my house, just different colour. 
The photo above is one of my favorite photos, as I put a lot more effort into it. With my brothers help, I took my dogs house from where it usually is placed and placed it there. We then had tables laying around in the garage and a few chairs. We put a table sideways, as well as the chair. I wanted to make it look like the wind had blew them all over the place. I was very happy with this outcome. 

I will attach some of Allan Mcdonalds photo below;

 I tried taking a similar photo to the above. If you scroll up to my second photo, you can see a little similarity. Especially with the leading line and the green. 

Here is the link I got my photos from.

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