Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Shutter Speed W1

So today for the lesson we were experiencing how to shoot with AV and practicing to take photos at different shutter speeds. I found this very interesting because I had never photographed with AV mode, and never tried panning before. I had always wondered how other photographers do that, and today my questions were answered.

I personally don't like this photo, as it's too bright. The shutter speed was at 1/80. 

So I then got them to move places, and go to a place that had a bit more shade. With the same shutter speed at 1/80, this was the outcome. I like this photo much more better than the other one at 1/80. 

With the shutter speed at 1/250, I got two of the models to move, while the other one was to stay still. I also didn't like this photo, as it's too dark. It also doesn't show the motion well enough. 

At the speed of 0"3, I got a much better panning photo. Also it's a lot more brighter, and more interesting. 

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  1. You have shown two good examples in the effects that different shutter speeds give in the bottom two images. Don't forget to post your research for practitioners using shutter speed and also your B function images.