Tuesday, 29 July 2014

week 2 Aperture research

Ansel Adams is one of the many talented photographers, and he is one of the photographer I have been researching about for this task as his images are very interesting.

Ansel adams, Mount williamson- Clearing storm, 1945. 

Ansel adams used a large format camera to capture this image. The camera uses 8 by 10 inch sheets as opposed to film. This combined with the f/64 aperture setting(wow the aperture can get really high!). It produces the sharpest focus and the depth of field, gives the photograph and impressive amount of detail.

Deep South, Scarred Tree, 1998, Sally Mann. 

Here is a photo from Sally Mann. Besides this is a very different photo of what she does. She's more into taking photos of her children. I found this photo very interesting. I just love how the focus is on the tree, and so blurry on the rest. You can tell she aperture would be at a low F stop, as it's focusing on one thing rather than all of the picture. This photo was from the series Deep South by Sally Mann, and this photo is called Scarred tree. 

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