Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week 2 Aperture

Week 2
Camera Use: Aperture

Today during class we were talking about the depth of field. We were learning the difference of what the higher and lower aperture was all about. My way of remembering what it is what, is the lower number means less depth, and the higher means the more depth. That's just my personal way, others may have different ways.

With the aperture at f/4.0, I did a portrait of Jade. It took me a while to get this photo because of the lighting issues. For some strange reason it was way too bright. So I kept playing around till I got a shot that I liked.  What I like about this is photo is that you can see the beautiful green in the background that just blends in. Also love how it's focused on Jade. 

Above is a photo of the bridge we were at. With the aperture at f/22. This photo was just a 'testing' photo, but it turned out to be great. I really like this because you can see the bridge, and the tree/branches coming in. As I mentioned earlier the lighting was very hard to work with. 

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  1. I like your way of remembering how depth of field relates to the Fstop numbers Dona. I think one reason your image of Jayde was too bright is because your exposure compensation was set to 2/3. We will discuss this in the next Camera Use class